Saturday, November 12, 2016

In my opinion

Disenfranchisement won this election. Frustration at the loss of jobs, the stagnant wages, and the general sense that the government failed them fueled this win. The racism and xenophobia rose to the surface because they were given targets other than the puppeteers truly responsible for their frustrations. It's always easy to deflect responsibility to those who are different.

Trump was a wild card, a man from whom words and ideas shot out like balls from an out of control bingo cage. He was the perfect candidate, one who spewed mostly unintelligible word salad that seemingly made sense to non-critical thinkers. The PTB did not mind since he kept the focus off their true machinations which was to keep any opposition candidate from winning. Scandals, real or manufactured, would have been directed at the other candidate no matter who had been nominated.

Hillary was an easy target. She had baggage. She was, first and foremost, an uppity woman with political experience and ambition who stood a good chance of being elected on her merits. It was easy to inflate failings to crimes, to negatives, to untrustworthiness by showcasing them smultiple times over the course of the campaign without mentioning that no evidence of wrongdoing was found.

So now we have a pompous, narcissistic, thin-skinned, ignorant buffoon as the "leader of the free world." The leader of the ignorati will make America (no longer) great again(?) I fully expect to see a giant gilded "Trump" sign over the front of the White House, or will it be the Gold House? Maybe there'll be a giant rotating smirking Trump head atop the Capitol Building.

I'm not sure our grandchildren will be able to clean up this mess because to me the future looks very chaotic. If global climate change is not slowed, we won't have to worry about foreign refugees. A good part of our population will be fleeing rising waters, not just from the coasts but from the Great Lakes as well. Wildfires will rage out of control as aquifers are drained and collapse leaving no ground water. The smoke will block sunlight. Weather patterns will bcome more erratic causing widespread food shortages as growing seasons shorten and become warmer and arable land disappears. The ocean will provide less food as acidification takes its toll up the food chain.

And then real fun starts as winters grow harsher and longer. The fun part - the dumbing down will leave no one in this country capable of addressing these problems. We will become dependent on the rest of the world. 

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