Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, bah humbug.

Not really.

Let's see. I don't think I mentioned that I got another project from my boss on Friday - this time to find everything written by one of our emeritus faculty. I found several hundred entries using various databases and search engines, loaded them into Refworks, and weeded out the duplicates. I don't know when this information is needed but as usual, I've finished in a matter of hours. I emailed her the link so she can access the database. Wonder what the next project will be?

Today's food intake:

Breakfast: packet of instant oatmeal with apples and cinnamon, cup of Constant comment tea w/ splenda

Midmorning: small pear, cup of tea

Lunch: leftover leek and potato soup, 1/2 c. yogurt 3/4 plain, 1/4 strawberry, small orange

Dinner: leftover gumbo, some raisins and a pear.

Drank most of the pitcher of water in addition to the tea.

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