Saturday, November 12, 2016

In my opinion

Disenfranchisement won this election. Frustration at the loss of jobs, the stagnant wages, and the general sense that the government failed them fueled this win. The racism and xenophobia rose to the surface because they were given targets other than the puppeteers truly responsible for their frustrations. It's always easy to deflect responsibility to those who are different.

Trump was a wild card, a man from whom words and ideas shot out like balls from an out of control bingo cage. He was the perfect candidate, one who spewed mostly unintelligible word salad that seemingly made sense to non-critical thinkers. The PTB did not mind since he kept the focus off their true machinations which was to keep any opposition candidate from winning. Scandals, real or manufactured, would have been directed at the other candidate no matter who had been nominated.

Hillary was an easy target. She had baggage. She was, first and foremost, an uppity woman with political experience and ambition who stood a good chance of being elected on her merits. It was easy to inflate failings to crimes, to negatives, to untrustworthiness by showcasing them smultiple times over the course of the campaign without mentioning that no evidence of wrongdoing was found.

So now we have a pompous, narcissistic, thin-skinned, ignorant buffoon as the "leader of the free world." The leader of the ignorati will make America (no longer) great again(?) I fully expect to see a giant gilded "Trump" sign over the front of the White House, or will it be the Gold House? Maybe there'll be a giant rotating smirking Trump head atop the Capitol Building.

I'm not sure our grandchildren will be able to clean up this mess because to me the future looks very chaotic. If global climate change is not slowed, we won't have to worry about foreign refugees. A good part of our population will be fleeing rising waters, not just from the coasts but from the Great Lakes as well. Wildfires will rage out of control as aquifers are drained and collapse leaving no ground water. The smoke will block sunlight. Weather patterns will bcome more erratic causing widespread food shortages as growing seasons shorten and become warmer and arable land disappears. The ocean will provide less food as acidification takes its toll up the food chain.

And then real fun starts as winters grow harsher and longer. The fun part - the dumbing down will leave no one in this country capable of addressing these problems. We will become dependent on the rest of the world. 

Veterans Day

How does one wish a veteran well on Veterans Day? "Happy Veterans Day" seems trite. The memories that veterans have aren't all happy. There's gladness on the part of those who survived, but sadness at the memories of those who did not. And frustrations and traumas to be gotten through. It is a crime that the country has done so little for all of you. This should be the Thanksgiving day to honor those who served - a day to reflect on the blood price of freedom.

(This was supposed to be published yesterday.)

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

President Trump.

Well, the American people got the president they deserve. I hope all you third party voters are happy. I hope all you bigots are happy. I hope all of you who stayed home and didn't vote because "Hillary had it locked in" are happy. I hope all of you who just didn't feel like voting for any of the candidates are happy. 

So I give you a big thank you on behalf of the uninsured and those who will lose what little heathcare they've gotten under the ACA. I thank you on behalf of the students who will no longer be taught actual science. I thank you on behalf of the workers whose jobs will disappear. I thank you on behalf of the seniors and disabled who will sink further into poverty as their Social Security checks flatline. I thank you on behalf of disabled and homeless veterans who have been left by the side of the road. 

I thank you on behalf of the children who will die for lack of food. I thank you on behalf of every person who has their food stamps allotment cut. I thank you on behalf of every person who will freeze to death in the winter.  I thank you on behalf of the women who will die from back alley abortions. I thank you on behalf of the rape victims who must bear the rapists' children. I thank you on behalf of every mother who will die in childbirth. I thank you on behalf of every infant who is discarded in a dumpster because of forced birthing. 

I thank you on behalf of every woman who is denied birth control even if it is needed to adjust hormone levels. I thank you on behalf of every person who could have benefited from stem cell research. I thank you on behalf of the increasing number of children born with autism. I thank you on behalf of every person who dies from contaminated food or water. 

I thank you on the behalf of the Lesbians and Gays who will have even more denials of service and possibly lose their hard earned right to marry the ones they love. I thank you on behalf the the Transgendered among us who will be bullied, who will suicide, who will be beaten, raped and killed because they can't use their proper public bathrooms.  

I thank you on behalf of our immigrant communities who will live in fear of being deported even though they are citizens. I thank you on behalf of the children who fear they will lose parents through deportation. I thank you on behalf of those who fear they will not be allowed to re-enter their country because of their religion. I thank you on behalf of every person who will be attacked for speaking in a language other than English.

I thank you on behalf of every African American citizen who has to fear attacks or murder for the "crime" of not being white. I thank you on behalf of every African American family who will have to mourn the loss of a family member to the police and watch those officers cleared of wrong doing. 

I thank you on behalf of every African American who was and will be denied the right to vote. I thank you on behalf of every person who was denied the right to vote because of a lack of sufficient polling places. I thank you on behalf of ex-felons who had their right to vote stripped from them after having served their sentences. I thank you on behalf of those who were unable to acquire ID they never needed until the last few elections. 

I thank you on behalf of every person who feels disenfranchised by state and local governments. I thank you on behalf of those who are so woefully undereducated that they vote against their own self-interest. I thank you on behalf of those who cannot understand that the politicians wooing their votes have rigged the system through gerrymandering to remain in power. I thank you on behalf of those who do not understand that it is the incessant need for ever increasing profits that sent their jobs out of the country. 

I thank you on behalf of the Native Americans are still marginalized in the country they had stripped from them. I thank you on behalf of those fighting to preserve Native American lands and sacred sites. I thank you on behalf of the citizens of the world whom you have betrayed. I thank you in advance for the coming financial collapse of world economies. I thank you in advance for World War III. I thank you in advance for the partitioning of this country after said war. I thank you in advance for any and all comments about what I wrote, my personal habits, my parentage, what you would like to do to me, what you think I deserve have happen to me. Live long and suffer in the new world order. I know I will, and I voted!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016


I'm currently reading "The War on Science: Who's Waging It, Why It Matters, And What We Can Do About It by Shawn Laurence Otto. It traces the beginnings of the anti-intellectualism that pervades modern politics. He examines the origins of the current situation where science is under attack by well-funded, but disingenuous political forces. Science is no longer an examination and discovery of the natural world, but a political tool to advance certain agendas. What is happening is that more attention is being paid to science deniers than actual scientists. 

This can be seen in the debasement of the scientific theory. The common misunderstanding is that a scientific theory is something unproven, whereas a scientific theory is a culmonation of careful examinations and experiments reflecting what we can determine as facts now. Scientific theory changes as new discoveries are made and added to, or expanding, the existing facts. Treating scientific theory as something unproven causes a false equivalence with non-scientific ideas and beliefs. 

That is why there is a movement to treat "intelligent design" or ceationism as an alternative "theory" to evolution. "Intelligent design" is based on the holy book of a religious minority for whom that book is the absolute truth inspired by a divinity. Unfortunately, the followers of this book fail to consider that when the book was compiled, it reflected the attempt to understand how natural phenomena occurred. Without an understanding of plate tectonics, earthquakes were seen as punishments for sins against the deity, or as the deity responding to a plea for assistance in vanquishing an enemy. With our current knowledge of plate tectonics, we know that the crust is not a uniform structure, but a series of floating plates that move over and under ajoining plates. If the plates shift quicker that normal, earth tremors happen in varying degress of severity. 

What today's followers fail to understand is that this book upon which they base many anti-scientific arguments has been translated and retranslated into several different languages before being translated into English. It has been edited by many who deliberately, or unconciously, changed the wording to reflect their own ideas or prejudices or decided certain passages had no relevance. There is no logical progression, several "books" contradict other "books" or contain what can only be exaggerations. 

Science has proven the age of the earth as far as we currently know how. Our existing instruments measure the half-life of radipactive elements with a known rate of decay. The Earth is nearly 4 billion years old. The "faithful" have determined the earth to be around 6000 years old. This figure is arrived at by the unscientific method of adding up the ages of persons mentioned in the books. Unfortunately, this method proves nothing. 

In an age where people died young, anyone who was alive when their grandfather was alive could be considered to have lived an extremely long time. There is actually no way to tell at what ages these patriarchs actually died. 90 could have been mistranslated as 900. There may be unknown gaps in the record. In fact, the translators could very well have created an unbroken lineage to smooth the record. But the believers want this accounting to be given equal biling with the scientific fact of the Earth's age. 

Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Election

Good grief! Will it never end? Every day there are pleas for my money for this one, that one, and those folks in other states. $3 here, $1 each for these folks not in my state, $25 for that one. I swear there are ten of these a day. If I donated to all of them, there would be no money for anything else. It started out with giving money to one candidate. Suddenly, the requests proliferated worse than the creeping charlie I call a lawn. Aside: I tried pulling the weed out, but my yard started to unravel like a cheap sweater.

I can't even keep up with the reports of this politician or that politician. I do know that if Trump wins, my life may change drastically. Not right away, but as more and more racists crawl out from under their rocks, eventually someone will decide I'm a bit too dark to be white. Or maybe too light to be black. It depends on who goes on the rampage first. Caramel may turn out to be the wrong color.

My pension may be put at risk. My Social Security will definitely be at risk. Either way, I'll need to a big cardboard box to live in once I lose my house. Then again, maybe I won't have to worry because someone will offend him and he'll push the big red button. And the world will end.

I'm not that fond of Hillary for President, but she's a damn sight better than the alternative. I would have preferred Bernie, but the country conflates socialism with communism so he didn't really have a chance. So Hillary winds up being "our last, best hope." At least, there have been no daily stories of malfeasance popping up. 

How such a narcissistic, sociopathic, douchebag could ever have advanced this far in the race for the White House is beyond my comprehension. Why this man has not been jailed is a testament to the glaring dysfunction of not only the political process but the justice system. The fact that the press devoted so much ink to his antics while ignoring stories of worth is a disgrace. Of course, allowing the news media to be consolidated and owned by so few, ensures that news will only reflect the views of the owners. 

I would propose a new constitutional convention, but it is too late. The fact that the second amendment has been used to justify not only the building of private military grade armories, and the fact that the NRA has absolved itself of any responsibility for encouraging this proliferation, make such a suggestion moot. The new Civil War would end badly for those of us who would dare.