Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Election

Good grief! Will it never end? Every day there are pleas for my money for this one, that one, and those folks in other states. $3 here, $1 each for these folks not in my state, $25 for that one. I swear there are ten of these a day. If I donated to all of them, there would be no money for anything else. It started out with giving money to one candidate. Suddenly, the requests proliferated worse than the creeping charlie I call a lawn. Aside: I tried pulling the weed out, but my yard started to unravel like a cheap sweater.

I can't even keep up with the reports of this politician or that politician. I do know that if Trump wins, my life may change drastically. Not right away, but as more and more racists crawl out from under their rocks, eventually someone will decide I'm a bit too dark to be white. Or maybe too light to be black. It depends on who goes on the rampage first. Caramel may turn out to be the wrong color.

My pension may be put at risk. My Social Security will definitely be at risk. Either way, I'll need to a big cardboard box to live in once I lose my house. Then again, maybe I won't have to worry because someone will offend him and he'll push the big red button. And the world will end.

I'm not that fond of Hillary for President, but she's a damn sight better than the alternative. I would have preferred Bernie, but the country conflates socialism with communism so he didn't really have a chance. So Hillary winds up being "our last, best hope." At least, there have been no daily stories of malfeasance popping up. 

How such a narcissistic, sociopathic, douchebag could ever have advanced this far in the race for the White House is beyond my comprehension. Why this man has not been jailed is a testament to the glaring dysfunction of not only the political process but the justice system. The fact that the press devoted so much ink to his antics while ignoring stories of worth is a disgrace. Of course, allowing the news media to be consolidated and owned by so few, ensures that news will only reflect the views of the owners. 

I would propose a new constitutional convention, but it is too late. The fact that the second amendment has been used to justify not only the building of private military grade armories, and the fact that the NRA has absolved itself of any responsibility for encouraging this proliferation, make such a suggestion moot. The new Civil War would end badly for those of us who would dare.

When did I become a Domme?

I've been having a problem with this one guy that I know who is into BDSM. He's supposed to be a dominant, but he's turned all whiney. I feel I should be cuffing him to a bench and waling the tar out of his ass with a leather belt until he safewords out. The only reason he's whining at me is that I seem to be the only woman who'll listen.  I want to know where his wife is. She's supposed to be his submissive. So why is he trolling for a new sub? Well, I found out. According to him, he's lost hree wives because of the size of his dick. Didn't they see it before the wedding? 

As nearly everyone knows, I'm not the submissive type and I have no inclination to have submissives myself. About once a month on the dating sites, I would be contacted by some guy who would start out by writing, "I'm a submissive male..." Yeah, so? Wrong number. My one Dom friend tells me they're drawn by my confident profile. He thinks it's funny. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm the vanilla friend. Yes, I have learned quite a bit about the BDSM lifestyle. The real stuff, not the 50 Shades stuff. I know enough that while I'm open-minded enough not to be bothered by it, it's not my style. It's none of my business what consensual acts happen between consenting adults. There are after all, rules of behavior for the parties involved.

I'm flattered that they trust me enough to know who they are. After all, one slip and they could lose their jobs. They know my Dom friend, who's practically the patriarch of the group. And if he trusts me, most of them accept me. 
My Dom friend emailed me about the whiner problem. His solution: Tell him to grow a pair and not act like such a douche.

Dang, where has the time gone?

2 years? I'm surprised this is still here. So, quick update :

I was on several dating sites.
I met several men, some of whom were fakes who thought I wouldn't notice. I turned them in.
I fell for one of them. He vanished before any damage was done.
I dated a guy younger than my daughter. He's gone on to younger or maybe even older women.
I met a lot of married men online. I still have an email relationship with one of them.
I met some folks who are into kink. Whatever trips your trigger. They are nice folks. I'm their vanilla friend. I occasionally meet them in a bar for drinks.
I met some polyamorous folks. Again, nice folks. We get together twice a month for cocktails. 
I seem to have scared a poly couple out west. They stopped answering my emails. 
My dog died.
One of my cats died.
I wrecked my van in a five-car accident which was ruled my fault. My insurance premium for my ancient Saturn is now more than I was paying for comprehensive on both vehicles. 
I have to pay that for three years before my rate goes down.
Two of my friends died, one of cancer and one of a heart attack. They were younger than me.
I tried selling at a craft market for a season. I made less than $100.
After living in my house for eight years, I finally painted my bedroom.
I have a hoarder situation upstairs. 
I got a new mobile company and a new phone.
It has too many useless features.
My iPad continues to need to be drop-booted every few months.
I have a boyfriend. Sort of.
I have yet to meet him in person.
He says he loves me and I complete him.
That scares me.
I've only known him for 6 weeks.
He's on a project overseas and doesn't know when he'll be back in the States. 
I can't find any information about him on the internet.
Sometimes, he reminds me of my daughter's second ex-husband.
My married email friend tells me to trust my judgement. Him, I trust.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Scammer magnet

Yep! That's me. Apparently these guys can't handle questions. The current one has been reported and now I'm just playing with him until the admin investigates. This one is supposedly in construction, but doesn't know whether he works on buildings, roads, or bridges. I guess he doesn't know that there are slightly different skill sets needed. There are at least two others in my matches. I won't do anything unless they contact me. If they don't, fine. But I expect them to. 

Almost every guy who has contacted me from out of state, and a couple in state, have been fakes. I can tell they're fakes because if I ask a question, the answer is never right. For instance, wI asked one if he owned his house. The answer I got was that he inherited the house from his parents, John and Mary Smith. "I inherited my house from my parents, John and Mary Smith." I would have said I inherited it from my parents, end of sentence. 

Grammar, capitalization and punctuation are a bit of a problem, as well as use of some Britishisms. I asked one what he did and he said he was an educationist- a British term. An American would have said, "I'm a trainer."

I even think the Ethan guy from the UK was a fraud as well. But maybe not. He did one thing the scammers don't usually do and that's answer certain questions that improve your matches. Ethan contacted me before I even finished writing my profile and I did read his answers to the questions I also answered. We would never have worked out. He's the British equivalent of a Tea Partier.

Right now I'm still stuck in the friend zone with Steve. He did mention in conversation something about "if we did fall in love." He's given me welcome and parting hugs, but has never held my hand or put his arm around me. I don't know if that is normal or not since I haven't dated in 31 years. But you'd think after a month of dating, there would be some action. I'm not expecting sex, but a few make out sessions wouldn't hurt especially since his answer to the "when is it appropriate to have sex" question was the same as mine - after 3 to 5 dates. Actually, I don't think I'd really make out with him. I can't even imagine being in the same bed with him. Besides there's no room for me, his horse of a dog sleeps with him. 

Maybe Wally will decide to take a chance. We were on Match and now we're both on OkCupid. He answered a lot of questions and only a few answers are opposite of mine. Ah well, I don't expect my life to change too much. Steve does feed me and we do spend a lot of time together. I wish there was some chemistry.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Things I've done today

Here's an exciting list of what I have done today:

Made a pan of apple crisp. (Autocorrect turned it into apple drips.)
Canned 11 pints of pie filling. (Why pints? I usually make 6-inch pies.)
Learned what makes poop green. (Thank you YouTube!)
Figured out there's still 3 bushels of apples left.
Did dishes.
Did more dishes.
Started Apple butter. It!'s in the crockpot to cook. It gets put in jars in the morning.

Almost one bushel of apples is gone. Three more to go. Next up is quart jars of pie filling, applesauce and canned apples to use in apple desserts.. That will take care of another bushel. If the apples were good enough to eat as is, I'd give them to a food pantry. There too wormy for that. I threw away more apple pieces than I was able to salvage for the current batch of pie filling and apple butter. 

We went out for all-you-can-eat salad bar at HyVee this evening. This time, I paid. Steve has fed me almost every day since we met. I've only had him over here for dinner once. He's fixed me breakfast, brunch, lunches, and dinners.  His son bought dinner and lunch. I better start running instead of walking, with the dog.