Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This is my last week of work  i can't wait. Summer  and my new chair await. 

There are box elder bugs having butt sex all over the place-- in my house, on the steps. 

The Boy Wonder is staying at his dad's and working in the deli. Most of his junk is still here.

My cats are starting to calm down and get back to normal now that BW's cat is gone. 

I've made some felted bowls for Sunday Market. Limited selection right now. 2 each of blue, pink, and white. My first Market day is May 26th.

I'm also going to make bottle cap magnets, and supplies are on order to make necklaces. 

Cece has a dog house she likes to sleep in. We go to the dog park.

If you haven't seen it, check out the Spock vs Spock commercial for Audi. It's available on YouTube..

Annd as Porky Pig said, "That's all folks." 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Almost at an end

TWorking has been killing me! It's an intense workout for my hands. I found wearing craft gloves helps more than my brace. I am so tired when I get home, I just collapse. I can barely walk the dog. And then 5:30 am rolls around again, and I start over...+

Let me describe my work day to you and maybe you'll understand what I'm whining about. The first alarm goes off at 5:30. That's my cue to turn on the space heater in the bathroom. The second alarm is for getting ready - shower, hair, dressing. Then I feed the critters. After they eat, I walk the dog. After that, I take my pills, find something to eat so my stomach doesn't get upset, and then make lunch. I load my backpack and make sure I have my badge, my bus pass and my ID. So far just normal routine for someone who works. 

I catch the 6:56 bus heading south - a 45 minute ride. Then I transfer to another bus. Ten minutes later, I'm at the workplace. I have 15 minutes before I clock in. Or I can clock in early and leave early. Leaving early means walking on the overpass to the bus stop. It's not a bad walk unless the weather's bad. After I clock in, the intense part begins. I have to scroll through and match up a minimum of 343 tax returns per hour. That means tapping the tab key or the down arrow repeatedly and rather quickly. Plus, I have to watch the screen for anomalies to correct before the document goes on to the next unit. 

I compare a scan of the paper return to data captured. If there is nothing wrong, the document speeds off. If the pages are misaligned, I may have to type the entire document into the database. (I've probably told you this before. My head gets so full of numbers, it just spins.) Anyway, watching the screen and the constant tabbing, gets very exhausting after a bit. I don't feel it when I'm working, but once I get home, the energy just drains out. I don't think I worked this hard since my retail days, when we had to do inventory. 

There's only a few days left. We've done the bulk of the returns. We're seeing the ones filed after Apr 15th. We're almost up to the current week.

I am getting caught up at home. I'm still not sleeping well because of the tension in my muscles.. I've managed to  keep the bathroom cleaned, dishes caught up, cat boxes emptied and scooped. The important stuff. But since I can't blog while sleeping, you guys haven't had the benefit of my words of (cough, cough) wisdom.

The other thing that's kept me busy was the Great Spider Invasion of 2013. Every  year, my bedroom becomes the "must-see" destination of of the spider world..  Every year, I vacuum dozens of them. This year, I think there were at least 60 of the buggers, traipsing across my ceiling and walls like they owned the place.  I still think they have transporter technology. One second the wall is clear and then there's a spider or three, just there. They don't seem to come from anywhere. They just appear in the middle the wall. 

Now that you're all creeped out, I'll say goodnight. . 

Friday, March 08, 2013


This afternoon AJ and Boy Wonder made snow people. Remind you of anything?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I guess I'm ready to start work Monday. My clothes are in the bathroom. I adjusted the thermostat so the heat comes on at 5 AM instead of 8. The alarm is set for 5:30. I don't have to leave until 6:45 to catch the bus. My shoes, wallet, lunch and paperwork will be in my backpack along with my bus knitting. Now all I have to do is get some sleep. I have to pick up boy wonder in 54 minutes, come home and go to bed. I will definitely need a Pepsi in the morning.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Roto Rooter

I may or may not have mentioned that the floor drain kept backing up. It was really intermittent. We could do a couple of loads of laundry and nothing would happen. A couple of days after one load of laundry, the basement would be flooded. On Monday of this week, we couldn't do laundry or take showers. Fortunately we could still use the toilet and wash dishes. I was in the basement using the ShopVac, carrying the tank up the steps to empty it outside in the snow on the other side of the driveway. Meanwhile the water was still backing up. After four tank loads, the brain kicked in and reminded me that I had a pump that I had bought a few years ago for just this purpose. Duh! I ran out to the garage for the flat hose I usually had hanging in the basement. Prepared much! Another duh!

After hooking up the hose and pump and running the end of the hose up the basement steps and out the door, I was ready to suck water. It took about 15 minutes to get the level of the drain down. Then I used the ShopVac to suck the rest of the water out of the drain.The reason I didn't call the first time this happened was because I was waiting for either a tax refund or my Social Insecurity check to arrive before calling Roto Rooter. I called and made an appointment for Wednesday morning.

The problem was the damn maple tree out front. I knew it was in the drain when during the drought, it still looked pretty good, but I was hoping to get through the winter without a problem. Ha! The guys had to change the blades on their rooter machine three times before they finally punched through the blockage. They put me on an annual schedule so this wouldn't happen again.

At least, it wasn't sewage. Something to be thankful for.