Thursday, October 09, 2014

Scammer magnet

Yep! That's me. Apparently these guys can't handle questions. The current one has been reported and now I'm just playing with him until the admin investigates. This one is supposedly in construction, but doesn't know whether he works on buildings, roads, or bridges. I guess he doesn't know that there are slightly different skill sets needed. There are at least two others in my matches. I won't do anything unless they contact me. If they don't, fine. But I expect them to. 

Almost every guy who has contacted me from out of state, and a couple in state, have been fakes. I can tell they're fakes because if I ask a question, the answer is never right. For instance, wI asked one if he owned his house. The answer I got was that he inherited the house from his parents, John and Mary Smith. "I inherited my house from my parents, John and Mary Smith." I would have said I inherited it from my parents, end of sentence. 

Grammar, capitalization and punctuation are a bit of a problem, as well as use of some Britishisms. I asked one what he did and he said he was an educationist- a British term. An American would have said, "I'm a trainer."

I even think the Ethan guy from the UK was a fraud as well. But maybe not. He did one thing the scammers don't usually do and that's answer certain questions that improve your matches. Ethan contacted me before I even finished writing my profile and I did read his answers to the questions I also answered. We would never have worked out. He's the British equivalent of a Tea Partier.

Right now I'm still stuck in the friend zone with Steve. He did mention in conversation something about "if we did fall in love." He's given me welcome and parting hugs, but has never held my hand or put his arm around me. I don't know if that is normal or not since I haven't dated in 31 years. But you'd think after a month of dating, there would be some action. I'm not expecting sex, but a few make out sessions wouldn't hurt especially since his answer to the "when is it appropriate to have sex" question was the same as mine - after 3 to 5 dates. Actually, I don't think I'd really make out with him. I can't even imagine being in the same bed with him. Besides there's no room for me, his horse of a dog sleeps with him. 

Maybe Wally will decide to take a chance. We were on Match and now we're both on OkCupid. He answered a lot of questions and only a few answers are opposite of mine. Ah well, I don't expect my life to change too much. Steve does feed me and we do spend a lot of time together. I wish there was some chemistry.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Things I've done today

Here's an exciting list of what I have done today:

Made a pan of apple crisp. (Autocorrect turned it into apple drips.)
Canned 11 pints of pie filling. (Why pints? I usually make 6-inch pies.)
Learned what makes poop green. (Thank you YouTube!)
Figured out there's still 3 bushels of apples left.
Did dishes.
Did more dishes.
Started Apple butter. It!'s in the crockpot to cook. It gets put in jars in the morning.

Almost one bushel of apples is gone. Three more to go. Next up is quart jars of pie filling, applesauce and canned apples to use in apple desserts.. That will take care of another bushel. If the apples were good enough to eat as is, I'd give them to a food pantry. There too wormy for that. I threw away more apple pieces than I was able to salvage for the current batch of pie filling and apple butter. 

We went out for all-you-can-eat salad bar at HyVee this evening. This time, I paid. Steve has fed me almost every day since we met. I've only had him over here for dinner once. He's fixed me breakfast, brunch, lunches, and dinners.  His son bought dinner and lunch. I better start running instead of walking, with the dog. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

More joy.

I'm getting better at spotting the fakes. I had two this morning and another tonight.  The one tonight is from Germany, so I sent him a message in German. I expect a message back in German. There was not much information in his profile, but I noticed he only listed English as his language. I asked him in German why he didn't list German as one of his languages? Let's see what happens.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Joys of online dating

OHave a good look at two of my new matches. Look really close. Notice anything? These were side-by-side in my daily matches.

Same photo, different names, different ages, and when I checked, different profiles. I'm almost tempted to send them a "hey, baby," which what I call those "hello, gorgeous" lines I get. 

Maybe I should have my son check out my profile and tell me what I'm doing wrong. 

Update: the profiles are now gone. The one on the left sent me a message and my reply was "I am not prey." I couldn't post this day I wrote it because my iPad malfunctioned.

Wow, where have I been?

The answer to that is Depressionville. I was busy between May 13th of last year and nearly the end of October. I was doing the S√Ľnday Market in Baraboo. I didn't make any money all summer, but I was able to cheer up my friend Robin, who was in a nursing home, so the drive was worth it. 

I lost a friend to cancer in December. I knew she was dying, but it still came as a shock. I talked to her that morning and she sounded upbeat. Then around 3 pm, she drifted off. Her sister called me with the news. A week later, most of her friends gathered at the condo to celebrate her life. I say most of her friend because the people she worked with at the jail and many of the police officers who know her were unable to come. There were tables of items that Anne had left for us to take. I took the Marvin the Martian wall hanging, a fabric cat, and a few small trinkets. In April, a small group of us went to her interment in the family plot in Illinois. We carpooled so no one would have to drive alone.

By March, I was so deep in despair, I wanted to kill myself. I posted a not so rhetorical question on Whisper. Four strangers, all young, all male, kept texting me through the app all night, until they felt I was okay. One by one, they dropped out of the conversation. I don't know who they were, but they talked me down off my metaphoric bridge. My depression meds were changed and reality kicked in.

A side effect was an awakening of a part one me that was essentially closed off. I mean, I was giving myself an annual orgasm, but suddenly I wanted more. I joined an online dating service and immediately started getting hits. I was so naive, I thought I was attracting real men. Unfortunately, I was attracting Nigerian scammers. 

After my first heartbreak, when a promising contact suddenly and without warning disappeared, I learned about Catfishing, an appropriate term since these are bottom-feeders. They never got to the point of asking me for money. They usually tried to appeal to my feelings by telling me about their motherless children. I always replied back that I didn't care for young children. End of conversation.

I joined a different dating site and was again approached by scammers. This time, I recognized the wording of their intros and ignored them. But again, I was almost caught. This one was smooth. I found him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Must be real right? We communicated a bit, then he made a big mistake. He cut and pasted his reply, the entire document, complete with fake names appended. I called him out on one of the names. His middle name, he replied. Why must I be so untrusting? 

Then the fun began. He gave me fake info. I gave him fake info. I did give him a real email address, one I set up just for this purpose. I kept researching the name and found it and screenshots of previous scam attempts. The profiles were slightly different, citing a different education background. I wrote him a replying, but was too subtle telling him he was caught. He wrote me back, telling me that my note brought tears to his eyes. Apparently his English was not comprehensive enough for him to understand what I wrote.

 My next communication was more blunt. I called him out on his fake education, his stilted use of English, and lack of understanding about how we address ourselves. Then I said, "you're busted." End of dialog.

I have found a nice friend on the dating site. I doubt it will become anything but friendship. He's cheap, not miserly, but he prefers all-you-can-eat buffets to dinner at a nice restaurant. Even on my birthday, after asking me where I wanted to go, we wound up at an all-you-can-eat buffet in a grocery store, he had coupons. He asked me out to a restaurant for margaritas. I assumed we would eat there as well. Wrong. They had free make your own nachos. We shared a half-price pitcher of margaritas and ate nachos.

On the way home we stopped at the farm store, where he bought a new bike, so I would have something decent to ride if we went bike riding. This man confuses me. He did get the AJ seal of approval, though. She thought he was nice. He sends me texts almost every day, asking what I'm doing and stuff. There's just no real chemistry on my part. At least, I get out of the house.